Suite Deposit Safe



Electronic Safety

– Electronic and mechanical Mechanisms installed on the Safe’s door;
– Each Safe has two individual mechanical keys with an identification code;
– Electronic parts designed to resist to strong electric discharges;
– After typing the code incorrectly for four times, the Safe will be blocked during a determined period of time;
– Option Portable Unit (equipment) for emergency opening, protected with access code
Mechanical Safety
– Two solid steel bolts;
– Anti-drill rotating bolts;
– Circuit internal protection.

Audit Trail
Non-volatile memory
Opening record of last 100 operations’ report that can be accessed in two ways:
– Directly in the safe’s numpad and digital display;
– With the Portable Unit.

Recorded Data: Date/Hour/Operation (opening/closing operation with: guest password, Portable Unit or Mechanical Key).

Available opening options
– Guest Password (4 to 6 numbers);
– Portable Unit;
– Mechanical Key (for emergency).

Installation and Maintenence

– Safe comes with two steel bushings.
– Easy exchange of batteries;
– Powered by 4AA Alkaline Batteries lasting over 2 years (batteries are included);
– Battery status indicated in the digital display
*Available in the colours Black and Beige
** For more colour options, please contact us.


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